Report on September Speakers: – Sue and David Williams, “An Adventure on the High Seas”

Our September speakers, Sue and David Williams, presented “An Adventure on the High Seas, and the Journey Within”.

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On September 3rd, Sue and Dave Williams discussed their life-altering, once in a lifetime high seas adventure in the Atlantic. Their story is no ordinary travelogue; instead, it’s a journey of adventure (and misadventure) in a 37 foot sailboat. Neither Sue nor Dave had open-ocean experience and Sue was certainly not a keen sailor at all. She almost did not get back on the boat for their return trans-Atlantic journey.

Storms, sea-sickness, engine failure, fishing net ensnarement, becalmed waters, outrageous high seas, and lack of sleep were just a few of the challenges facing them. Sue also chronicled their emotional journey with great insight and honesty. Some of the most poignant moments portrayed the growth of their three sons, who had been somewhat adrift, not settling into responsible roles. As Sue and Dave gave them space, allowing the sons the bandwidth to try, fail, and try again, without a parental safety net to catch them, the sons learned to stand on their own and began to flourish in their chosen paths.

Sue documented their journey in a compelling memoir, titled, “Ready to Come About,” published by Dundurn Press. We thank them for sharing their improbable, perilous, and life-altering adventure, and especially for sharing their “journey within.”

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