Report on 2022 Annual Summer Picnic – An Afternoon at Brigadoon

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An Afternoon at Brigadoon

What a perfect day for a picnic!

Plenty of sunshine.  Smiling faces.

What more could you ask for!

There was some trepidation as we learned the highway was closed north of the Petro Can, with backups as much as an hour out of Nanaimo.

Not to be deterred, golfers started arriving around 3:00 for their tournament of champions, expertly organized by the master, AL MACDONALD.

KIM RASMUSSEN and NORM KILARSKI took home prizes for KPs. However, everyone was a winner for braving the heat.

Happy Hour and a Half began around 4:30, with arriving members greeted by the delightful duo of LESLIE MACDONALD, and our esteemed President, SUE KELLY.

LINDA BURROWS as MC, welcomed everyone and SUE KELLY introduced our special guests, IAN and ROSE KENNEDY who had driven in from Victoria, managing to manoeuvre through the traffic delay.  Ian is the BC-1 District Director and we were honored to have him join our party.

SUE KELLY, that busy lady, also composed an unusual trivia game of anagrams. The winning table was particularly adept at creating clever alternatives.

We were relieved when Smokin’ George arrived from Nanaimo, exactly on time, to deliver our food.  Many thanks to our catering team – LESLIE MACDONALD, HEINZ and LORETTA DAHN, and ANNE MARIE HUGHES who performed like professionals. Everyone commented favorably on the meal and there certainly was enough food.

TERRY KELLY proved to be a force at wresting money from wallets for the 50/50, collecting $108 and LESLIE MACDONALD happily accepted 50% of the take.  Winner of the door prize, was JEAN JEFFRIES.

Thank you to MARCEL LALONDE, photographer and, in charge of background music, NORM KILARSKI.

And, especially, thank you to the Picnic Organizing Team – Sue, Kim, Heinz and Anne Marie.

A real dream team!

Joanie Miller


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