Report on Annual Summer Picnic – Wednesday July 19th, 2023

You had me at Aloha!

It was a perfect day for Summertime, Hawaiian Style … sunshine, music, flowers, pineapples, and people, dressed for the occasion.

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Golfers teed off at 3:00 in temperatures warmer than warm. By Happy Hour and a Half, tables under the tents were filling up with Hawaiian shirts and brightly coloured outfits adorned with leis given out by our effervescent greeters, LESLIE MACDONALD and President, SUE KELLY.

As the program got underway, JIM McKINLEY addressed the group, informing us of a photo op with the Parksville/Qualicum News.

Our very own dance doyenne, SONYA BARDATI, complete with grass skirt and floral accessories, then demonstrated the hula, the traditional dance of the islands.

Once again, AL MACDONALD organized the golf classic presenting prizes to JIM McKINLEY, winning for men’s KP, and BEV WILSON for the women’s draw.

Always to be expected came the quiz, ten questions which proved to be challenging as the winning table, MARNIE and CHUCK SWANSON and ANNE MARIE and GRAHAM HUGHES, correctly answered five.

SPICE OF LIFE once again set up a sumptuous buffet, served by our own MARGARET and DAVID STEVENS, ANNE MARIE HUGHES and SANDY DOYLE.  Thank you.

Plates came back empty which was a sign that the food was enjoyed. Adding to the dessert table were TERRY KELLY’S special coconut and chocolate squares. YUM!

Speaking of Terry, he once again masterfully managed to amass money … $188 … in the 50/50. The lucky ticket holder, SANDY DOYLE went home $94 happier.

Behind the scenes are always those who come together to create a successful event. Many thanks to AL MACDONALD, not just for organizing the golf but also for storing and assembling the tents with his team. Sue and Leslie, always a pleasure at the entrance, thank you.

Thank you, NORM KILARSKI, master of the music and speaker system.  Thank you, DON DEMPSON for your input, for creating the title and the poster for our event, and for providing much appreciated moral support.

And a very special thank you to ANN BARNES my right-hand person in setting up, and keeping me organized and sane.

Aloha to you all.

Joanie Miller

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