Report on 2021 Annual Summer Picnic

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Stetsons, Spurs and Sasparilla 

The haunting and dulcet notes from the theme of the “Good, The Bad and the Ugly’ hung anticipatorily in the air, while a cowboy, Stetson pulled low over his forehead, duster dragging on the ground, holster open (with a beer propped in it), strode from the shaded patio and stared ominously at the crowd seated under the grouping of tents.

The buzz was palpable, as PROBUS friends and acquaintances sat together, some for the first time in more than a year, ready to enjoy the club’s first major event in over eighteen months since the start of the Covid pandemic.

The trill of the music slowly gave way as the MC cowboy boomed out, “Welcome to the 2021 PROBUS picnic.”

And so it unfolded, in mid-August, a wonderful and fun reunion of more than forty Northwest Bay Probus members, who came together for a game of golf, camaraderie and classic, western style eating.

The event organizers Leslie Macdonald, Sue Kelly, Kim Rasmussen, Heinz Dahn and Joanie Miller, went out of their way to make it special. From the western décor and country music to the dress western theme, and from the hardy ribs and chicken fixin’s to the challenges on the golf course and trivia contest, there was plenty of activity and lots of interaction and chatter.

Ian Smith was the men’s golf winner while Judy Love-Eastham, Marnie Swanson and Bonnie Howell shared the women’s honours.  Joan Ethier, in perfect Stampede attire, was to be the ‘best dressed western style’ winner and Sandy Doyle and Joanie Miller took away the 50/50 winnings.

“It’s just what we needed and everyone was ready for a party,” said Miller. “The weather was perfect and we practiced safe Covid protocol so everyone felt safe. I think it’s fair to say, the western theme added to the fun. Everyone got into the spirit and had a great time.”

The event was staged at the Brigadoon Golf Club and Spice of Life catering provided the food that was simply outstanding. “Eating outdoors is always great, but when you add a party to the mix it makes everything that much better,” added Miller. “I also want to acknowledge the dessert specials, all provided by Leslie MacDonald.  Now that was clincher that made everything perfect.”

Hats off to the Picnic Planning team plus all its deputies – Al Macdonald, Terry Kelly, Phil Howell, Robert Grose, Norm Kilarski, Marcel Lalonde – that made it a great jump start (hopefully) for more get-togethers.

A very special tip of the Stetson to our MC, Don Dempson aka The Lone Stranger, whose contributions of posters, stampede paraphernalia and western twang brought the theme to life.

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