President’s Message – April 2016

Don Dempson

Every month, more and more things amaze me – in the world, our country, our province and our neighbourhood, but it is such a delight when I am astounded by the people in our Club and how they feel about doing things to improve and enjoy what we have.

At our recent management meeting it was so rewarding to hear and feel the enthusiasm and commitment from everyone who has stepped up to lead and deliver an energy that is contagious.  There is a sense of pride here; there’s so much going on and being planned that it’s hard to put into words the fact that our club is more dynamic than ever and, we’re opening up new opportunities for things to do and explore, with guest speakers and with new interest groups.

It’s hard to believe, but we are actually thinking and talking about next year – and this year has only started.  What it tells me is that we’ve created a momentum which we need to continue to drive forward and let others know about what’s happening and what’s coming.  Compound that with us sharing activities and encouraging other clubs to join us and you can begin to see why Probus is a strong entity that not only encourages fun – it delivers!

Our success continues because – we’re all engaged!  Individuals and couples who’ve suggested speakers and ideas have also stepped up and are willing to be key contacts and organize events.  Examples include: Our snowshoeing trip to Mt. Washington (pictures only deliver one aspect – ask those who went and you’ll hear about a new group being formed for regular trips to the mountain, and others who purchased snowshoes to do it on their own).  Then consider the interest in not only seeing how glass is blown but being part of a group (or groups) that will actually do it.  As well, our special interest groups continue to thrive and despite the fact most are full – new ones are being talked about and formed.

April isn’t going to disappoint either.  We begin with Dr.Ed Ishiguro who is going to speak about biomedical advances at our April 1st General meeting. There are a number of Outs-and-About happening, some that you’ll need to sign up for – as soon as possible.  Don’t miss being part of any of this and make sure to check-out our web site regularly for the latest on what’s happening.

See you soon.