President’s Message – July 2019

Whenever I talk to members of other Probus Clubs, I’m amazed at the number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) they have. We have several active SIGs such as wine, beer and scotch tasting groups, book groups, a golf group, and ladies and men’s lunch groups. Also we’ve had some great out and about outings that we don’t classify as SIGs.

Over the past few years, the management team has tried to encourage the formation of new SIGs but our efforts have met with limited success and I’m coming to the conclusion that maybe we’re all so busy with other activities, we don’t have time to get heavily involved in another SIG. Or, for a variety of reasons, our newer members may be reluctant to suggest forming new SIGs. Many of the other Probus Clubs have larger memberships than we do so it’s logical that they would have more SIGs than we do.

Maintaining the status quo is just fine from my perspective but just in case there is interest in forming some new SIGs, here are some of the Harbour City Nanaimo Probus Club’s SIGs that are different from ours: bridge, canasta, dominoes, mah jong, scrabble, drinks & appies, men’s weekly breakfast group, pub night, dining in, garden club, current events discussion, walking, in stiches, classical music appreciation and, hum & strum (guitar, banjo, ukulele). If anyone is interested in starting a new SIG, please talk to any of the management team and we’d be happy to help get it started.

Now that we’re officially into summer I’m looking forward to spending time with many of you at the picnic on July 17th, the Appie party in August and the wine tour in September.