President’s Message – October 2022

Here we are in Autumn! Although my mind is still stubbornly thinking of summer and lamenting its demise, I look forward to enjoying a number of Probus events that are on offer.  I hope you too will join in. 

We are still looking for someone to organize the Ladies Who Lunch group. Essentially, we are asking you to find a restaurant that offers lunch and arrange for people to meet you there.  It is a fun opportunity to get out and talk to your Probus friends. For those of you like myself who are hopeless golfers, it is a chance to see people in a setting other than the general meetings.

Speaking of which, it is great to see more of you at our meetings! The last meeting had a speaker who was particularly adept at involving the crowd and we all hung on her every word.  While the topic of dementia is a hard one, she discussed how people could do quite well in an appropriately supportive setting. The next two speakers look particularly interesting.

Please join us. The more, the merrier!


Sue Kelly, President