President’s Message – December 2017

President’s Message – December 2017

We’re only weeks away from Christmas and right behind that New Years.  Hard to believe we’ve gone through another year, and it has been an incredible one.  I thank each of you for making it such a success.

We’ve added 20 plus members and we’ve experienced some of the most fascinating speakers and engaged in some of the best Out and Abouts.  Compound that with our special Canada 150 Summer Picnic, the Appy Extravaganza and our upcoming Black and Gold Christmas Party and you realize that our Club is thriving and our energy level continues to grow!

This will be my last president’s message and I have to thank our management team for their support, enthusiasm and commitment.  Without them and everyone else who assists behind the scenes with Interest Clubs, set-up and tear-down, logistics – everything, we just couldn’t make things happen with such pizzazz, creativity and fun.  Our achievements take place because YOU care, YOU step forward, YOU help and YOU want to make things happen.  As I’ve said before:  Our club is only as good as those who participate.  Share this enthusiasm with others!

This meeting is also our 2017 Annual General Meeting and it sets the stage for next year.  Marnie Swanson will be your new president: She and the new executive will not only carry on the tradition of excellence, but will push the envelope even further.  Give Marnie your support and get involved.  Being a part of our club means YOU get the chance to meet others, create excitement and position the future.

This Christmas, share your friendship and take time to be with friends and family.  Life is good and we are blessed – let’s make the most of it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Don