President’s Message – March 2022


Spring is in the air! I may be overstating this a wee bit, but it is so lovely to see the sun again and the longer days.  As I walk the neighbourhood, people have smiles on their faces, simply because it is sunny.

We will be watching the opening of restaurants, theatres, sports arenas to full capacity, with interest, if not a little trepidation.  It’s hard not to think, haven’t we been here before? I am encouraged by the approach that the BC government has taken, building their decisions on the available scientific information.  You can be assured that your Probus Management Committee is considering when best to get together in person.  At the very least, the Special Interest Groups should be able to start up again, particularly with the nicer weather in the offing.

We have done well with the membership drive, but applications have really dropped off since the beginning of February.  We encourage you to join again, especially now when we might actually be able to get together! Those of you who have written cheques, please expect them to be cashed within the next couple of weeks.

Our family is off to warmer climes at the end of February. I am both excited at the prospect of getting away and enjoying the warmer weather and a little nervous about being around so many unknown people.  Our social circles are much smaller than they were a couple of years ago! In my absence, Al MacDonald will take over the chairing of the March 4th General Meeting and the March 7th Management Committee meeting.

Sue Kelly, President