President’s Message – February 2021

As we move forward with our Probus Club in 2021, our Management Committee continues to look at ways to keep our club inclusive and engaging.  We met via Zoom on Jan 11 and some actions we are pursuing include:

  • Joanie Miller will look into on-line Zoom training options for our Members who may appreciate some friendly help in working with Zoom to make our membership even more inclusive. We had over 50 Members join our Zoom Annual General Meeting and we have had about 35 Members join in to hear our guest speakers, which has worked very well.
  • To keep you informed about our active Special Interest Groups, Sue Kelly will co-ordinate updates for the monthly e-News.
  • Robert Grose advises that we have speakers booked up to and including June of this year. See below for details on our February speaker.
  • Phil Howell plans to start our golf group in March so if you have not participated before please let Phil know of your interest.
  • On the technical side of things, Bea Kolodziej will undertake a test migration of a new Wild Apricot software package that could replace a suite of packages that we use currently in our club management and communications with Members.

In terms of membership and finances, our club remains healthy. Barbara Hartley has advised us recently that we have 77 paid up members already and many more are lined up to pay their reduced fees for this year. A great response so thank you everyone.  Our bank balances stand at $5100 in our savings (reserve) account and $2400 in our chequing account.

A friendly reminder that Sunday, Feb 14 is Valentine’s Day!

Al MacDonald,