President’s Message – September 2017

President’s Message September 2017

We complained about a ‘soft start’ to the year (weather wise) but you can’t complain about our last two plus months – WOW!  For those who love the heat, July and August didn’t disappoint, but maybe we could have done without the smoke and maybe enjoyed a little more (should I say it) rain.  And then there was that eclipse……. although we were only in the 85% totality range, it was unbelievable.

 All in all, it’s been an incredible summer; one that started with our speaker, Isobel Mackenzie, BC Seniors Advocate, who put forward some frank situations facing mature adults now, and will into the future.  She also talked about solutions and opportunities. Let’s face it – these are important issues that demand attention and need to be acted upon!

 Over the summer we saw us continuing our golf course adventures, enjoying great camaraderie at the Ladies’ and Men’s lunches but most importantly, saw big gatherings at our annual Picnic and Appetizer Extravaganza.  These last two events continue to be among our most popular and this year’s Canada Day celebrations in July saw virtually everyone decked out proudly in the red and white, while our Appetizer event just seems to bring out the best of the nibblies and summer activity chit chat.  And there was also the trip to the John Hart Generating Station and Dam tour – now that was powerful and impressive!

 September brings with it thoughts of Fall, but don’t be disheartened.  Our meeting on September 1 kicks off with our speaker Terri Mack, who runs Strong Nations Publishing in Nanaimo and has a wealth of knowledge about native issues we often read about.  As well, September sees us planning a special outing and a full moon kayak tour on the 6th. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be out on the ocean later at night and see a full moon come up, this is something you just have to experience.  Then on the 13th we’re heading back to the Chemainus Theatre for “Jeeves Takes a Bow”.  

 More about this at the meeting and even more about what’s coming up, but as a reminder – if you commit to (and sign-up for) an Out and About, please make sure to follow-through.  If there are costs involved we need to make certain no one (especially our coordinators) are left covering costs for no-shows.  In future, we’ll have to ask for payment commitments up front to confirm our numbers so our costs are covered.

 OK, so September launches another season for us and there’s so much to get caught up on from this summer.  Make sure you mark your calendars and — see you there.