President’s Message – November 2022

We knew it was too good to last! The weather was so wonderful and summer-like through most of September and October.  It is hard to fathom that we are now rejoicing in rain as our spring was so cool and damp. But it is still paradise and we are glad to be here.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at our December meeting.  You will have the opportunity to vote in the Management Committee for 2023.  We would really appreciate a good turn out at this meeting and there may be some special culinary treats to tempt you. You will also have more time to socialize with your friends.

Our next big social event will be the Christmas Party on December 7th.  It will again be a luncheon at the Bayside Inn.  Last year we asked for food donations. That ended up being a considerable amount of work for the organizers.  This year we are asking for Quality Foods gift cards, which are much easier to heft and which allow the recipients to make their own choices.

The Dining Out Special Interest Group had its inaugural dinner at Asteras in early October. It was a lovely evening with lots of good food and wonderful company.  I shall be arranging another restaurant adventure for November.

It has been my pleasure to be your President this year.  I have received some lovely compliments about how pleased people are now that we are getting together. But I am merely one person and it is the Management Team who is exceptional in organizing social events, developing an interesting and informative e-news every single month, managing our accounts, supporting the technical side of meetings, keeping track of membership (we are currently up to 131!), supporting Special Interest Groups, finding interesting speakers and of course, there are Terry’s goodies. I understand that back by popular demand, there will be some particularly yummy cookies for our November meeting.

Speaking of memberships, Management Committee has made a practice that if somebody joins Probus in September or later in the year, their fee will cover the following year as well. So, if you know somebody who is considering joining Probus, they can do so right now for $15.00. Their membership will be valid until December of next year. If you wait until January, it will go back to $30.00 if we are still able to operate as we are now.

Sue Kelly, President