President’s Message – February 2017

Don Dempson

PRESIDENT’s MESSAGE, February 2017

The days are getting longer, the snow is gone, wet is our standard and – we have buds that are about to explode in the gardens.  What more can you say but, Thank you!

January jump-started our new year off in style not only with our weather, but our guest speaker Barb Ashmead.  Her project with PTSD service dogs, really pulled at our heartstrings.  The impact was felt throughout the room and on many of our faces.

February brings Valentine’s Day into perspective for all loved ones and also sets the stage for some exciting Out and Abouts, beginning with a Valentine’s Day (afternoon) wine tasting and dinner at Unsworth Winery.  As well, we’re planning on stepping out and getting our caffeine fix when we take a tour and have a tasting at Coyotes Café.  Make sure you are ready to experience some great flavours and yes – they do have tea there as well.

Of course the transition from the long dark nights of winter to the promise of spring time wouldn’t be complete without the contemplation of spending more time in the gardens and on the golf course.  So thinking about flowers, horticulture and slashing and mashing of dimpled balls will be top of mind but…. before you get too lost outside, make sure you attend the February meeting to hear all about Costco in Nanaimo and the future plans with a potential move to the Cedar area.

David Hahn will be our guest speaker and he’s the man who can give us all a real perspective into the world of bulk buying, quantity packaging and the super-sized  warehouse phenomena.  Bring your questions – he’s ready to answer them all.

See you at the meeting.