President’s Message – May 2020

It is May and we are just about to enter our 3rd month of living with COVID, with empty calendars and limited social contact.

Members have been getting on with things, being responsible and helping others in the community.  See the piece about Joan Ethier and her face masks.

Gardens are looking better, people are taking solitary walks, and greeting each other from a safe distance.  People are having virtual get-togethers using online tools, and are sharing information about movies, books, recipes to try, and even holding virtual wine club meetings.  Generally we are feeling lucky to live where we do.

I will soon announce the particulars regarding the “Presidents Hair Style Challenge”. It will be open to all male members of our Probus club.  (Editor’s note:  Men, hats are your friends)

There will be a panel of independent female judges and there will be valuable prizes for the winners in each category. The contest will take place at our first meeting that our club reconvenes.

Stay tuned!

Al MacDonald