President’s Message – June 2021

We just got the update from Dr. Bonnie Henry as I write this message to our Probus Members. Your Management Committee is now interpreting what the various stages of re-opening mean for more in-person activities by our Members. Some ideas are described within this Newsletter.

At one time your Management Committee thought it would be a great idea to video tape the Speakers’ presentations at our General Meetings. We could then make them available to those who were in attendance by Zoom as technical presentations with charts and graphs could viewed again at home. Also, those who were unable to attend the Zoom meeting could view the presentations at their leisure.

Indeed, we had an excellent presentation by Dr. Jan Conradi on climate change via Zoom at our last General Member meeting on May 7. The presentation was full of charts, graphs and maps. A summary of that presentation is contained elsewhere in this Newsletter.

By way of explanation, we obtained permission ahead of time to video tape Dr. Conradi’s presentation. However, we subsequently asked if we could post the video so folks at the meeting as well as all our other Members could view it on-line. At that time, Dr. Conradi expressed concern about copyright laws as not all of his material had been cleared for publication from its original sources. Moreover, his presentation incorporated 14 years of his personal scientific and engineering analysis of climate change. Also, we are aware that some folks are not keen on having their photo unintentionally captured on a video that is available to be viewed by others. For these reasons, your Management Committee decided to not to tape subsequent talks by our presenters.

We look forward to seeing more of you in person but entirely at your discretion of course.

Best regards,

Al MacDonald