Golf Special Interest Group

Monthly golf outings, usually a 9&Dine, are organized by Al MacDonald and Phil Howell.  Sign up at general meetings, by contacting Al or Phil directly or by using the form below.

The NWB Probus Golf Group kicked off in July for the 2020 season. There are presently 43 members in the Golf Group but new members are welcome. We play 9 holes at a local course once a month followed by dinner, with the last golf date in October.

An email will be sent out a few weeks before each monthly golf date and you can sign up for that date if you wish to play.  It is not competitive golfing – we are definitely not scratch golfers- we are just out to have fun.  If you wish to join the NWB Golf Group and be on the mailing list, just click on the link below and provide your name and email address. See you on the links!

Hyperlink to:

Al MacDonald – 250.468.1013
Phil Howell      – 250.586.6612


Congratulations to our 2020 NWB Probus Golf Champions!

Sandy Narouth, NWB Probus Golf Champion of 2020

Joanie Miller, NWB Probus Runner-up Golfer of the Year

Sandy Narouth is the NWB Probus golf Champion of the Year.
He is joined in the celebration by his wife Jennie and fellow golfer Heinz Dahl.
Sandy was crowned at our windup event at Morningstar golf course on Oct 2.

Joanie Miller is the NWB Probus Runner-up Golfer of the Year. She was crowned at our
final golf outing of the year at Morningstar golf course. She is joined by Peter Huber who was also celebrating his
birthday on this auspicious occasion.





Some keen Probus golfers at the Memorial course in Qualicum Beach

NWB Probus Golf outing, Saturday, July 18, 2020

Eight tee times were booked for Saturday, July 18 at Qualicum Memorial Golf Course for our first golf outing in a long time. The golf club was strict
on Covid rules. Only couples were permitted to sit close, with all others socially distanced. Very good applies and refreshments were enjoyed.


NWB Probus Golf outing, Friday September 18, 2020
The September golf outing was at the Morningstar golf course on Friday, September 18.
We had 25 golfers and 3 additional guests for dinner.  The golf course was very user friendly with the long grass on the knolls cut down from years past. The quality of golf was up to the usual high Probus standard – lots of bogeys and then some!  The food in the restaurant was excellent.

At Morningstar golf course

More at Morningstar golf course