Ladies Rally to a Win

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This year, the North West Bay PROBUS Rally was held on Tues., Oct.7th.  Twenty-one people signed up for this event and they were mixed and matched to get six teams.  Grant Foster, Phil Howell, and Norm Kilarski created the rally and Pam Foster and Bonnie Howell were rally co-ordinators and assistants.

Teams started out at the Nanoose Community Centre and half were given Route A to follow and the other three teams were given Route B.  At the end of each route, the teams came back to Nanoose and handed in their answers to the questions for each route.  Then the participants were given a second route to follow.  After both routes were completed, everyone went to a local pub for lunch, a trivia contest, and rally prizes.

Not surprisingly, the winning team was an all lady team! We would like to congratulate Anne Ward (driver), Diane de Visser (navigator), and Judy Devereaux (recorder and clue seeker).  Well done, ladies!

Photos: Phil Howell
Text: Bonnie Howell

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